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Debt Solutions and Advice offers daily expert advice about money – how to make it, how to save it, and how to spend it.’s staff consists of business journalists, financial experts, and certified credit counselors. Anxious to get out of credit card debt? Learn the best available options that will help you
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If you have bad credit, do-it-yourself solutions are automatically off the table. You either won’t get approved for them or you won’t qualify at a beneficial interest rate. In this case, you need professional debt help, which usually means you go through credit counseling.

Nonprofit consumer credit counseling services are designed to help you evaluate your situation to find the best possible solution. They can also help you achieve credit consolidation by helping you enroll in a debt management program.

A debt management program is an assisted type of credit consolidation. It’s basically a voluntary repayment plan that the credit counseling agency helps you set up. They negotiate with creditors on your behalf to lower rates and accept an adjusted payment schedule. Creditors are often more willing to negotiate this way, because you’re working with a professional.


There’s not one right way to consolidate credit card debt. In fact, there are several solutions you can use. But most of them require good credit and only work for limited amounts of debt. By contrast, a credit card debt management program (DMP) allows you to consolidate debt, regardless of your credit score. You can even consolidate high-volume amounts, even if you have more than $100,000 to repay.